The New Face of Airlines

The New Face of Airlines

My husband and I recently traveled to Nashville for his family reunion, and we noticed that there is a new face in airlines. We flew on two different airlines, and one of them in particular employs mature flight attendants. Obviously, when flight attendants were known as stewards and stewardesses, they were not quite as mature. As someone who just had a 53rd birthday, I appreciated seeing the new face of today’s airlines.

When I received my bachelor’s degree, I was 44 years old. Needless to say, changing careers at that age had its difficulties. One of the reasons I started my own virtual assistant business was due to the type of positions I was offered.

There are stereotypes surrounding older workers; for example, they won’t last long or they have health issues, which leads to absenteeism. In fact, employees who are 50+ are more reliable, have stability, knowledge, and experience. The workforce can’t survive without this group of people who are also known as baby boomers. According to an article by Marian Stoltz-Loike, PhD and David Madison, PhD entitled “Making Full Use Of The Maturing Workforce,” there were 76 million baby boomers born between the years 1946 – 1964. Due to the erosion of retirement savings or lack of retirement plans, baby boomers can’t afford to retire.

The workforce is comprised mostly of baby boomers and, if they all retire taking their knowledge with them, it will be up to the younger generation to carry on. No matter how educated younger employees are they lack the necessary knowledge that is required to run the business. It would be in the best interest of employers or hiring managers, who are generally younger, to realize this important fact. Apparently, American Airlines is aware of this vital detail. The flight attendants look just like me.

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