The Rules to Giveaways on Facebook – Part 2

The Rules to Giveaways on Facebook – Part 2

facebook contestsContinuing our discussion on giveaways on Facebook, we have more tips of things you may want to watch out for to avoid your Facebook Page being taken down.

Liking a Page or Checking In

You see this on a lot of smaller fan pages, but if you take note you will never see it on a larger one.  Why? Because it’s against Facebook Terms and Conditions. Liking a Page or Checking into a Location cannot enter you into a promotion or giveaway. You also are not allowed to use the Like button as a means of voting. According to the terms, it is not considered a fair or reliable way to tally votes.

Using Facebook to Communicate

When you are informing an audience that you are running a promotion through Facebook, you can only communicate with them through Facebook. This means you can’t send them emails, give them phone calls, or even send them something in the mail. You MUST send them a message in some way shape or form through the Facebook system.

Moving on from Facebook we will be talking about YouTube in the next coming weeks. If you are new to video marketing, I highly suggest you check it out!

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