Today’s Typical Small Business Owner

Today’s Typical Small Business Owner

Updated Insights on Small Business Ownership

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, constituting 99.7% of all U.S. businesses. They are predominantly owned by individuals who are likely to be middle-aged and well-educated. Current trends indicate a significant demographic shift, with an increasing number of women and minorities stepping into roles as small business owners.

The Evolving Profile of Small Business Owners

Today’s small business owners are diverse. They maintain a variety of interests and lifestyles, often embodying the entrepreneurial spirit through active engagement in physical activities and travel. Notably, women have become a formidable force in this sector. Recent data shows that women owned 41.1% of nonemployer businesses in 2019, a figure that highlights the growing role of women in entrepreneurship. 

Overcoming Barriers: The Rise of “Mompreneurs”

One significant trend is the rise of women in small business due to their need to navigate past the corporate “glass ceiling.” Many women find entrepreneurship a more viable option, especially for balancing professional aspirations with family responsibilities. This trend has led to a surge in “mompreneurs,” who manage businesses while raising families, thus making a profound impact on the small business landscape.

Demographic Shifts and Business Dynamics

The demographic composition of small business ownership continues to evolve. A recent study highlighted that as of 2021, minority-owned businesses made up 21% of all small businesses, indicating a positive trend towards more inclusive business practices Additionally, the landscape of small business ownership reflects broader societal changes, with an increasing number of businesses owned by various demographic groups, underscoring a shift towards greater diversity in business ownership

Economic Contributions of Small Businesses

Small businesses are not only numerous but also powerful economic engines. They employ millions of Americans and are pivotal in fostering local economies. In 2021, these businesses employed a substantial portion of the workforce, demonstrating their critical role in job creation and economic stability SBA’s Office of Advocacy.


The landscape of small business ownership in the U.S. is marked by dynamic changes, with an increasing role played by women and minorities. These shifts not only reflect changes in business ownership but also broader socio-economic trends. For more detailed insights and data on small business demographics and economic impact, refer to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Small Business Administration’s latest reports SBA’s Office of Advocacy,,

These resources offer comprehensive overviews and are crucial for anyone looking to understand or engage with the small business sector in today’s economy.

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