Using Social Networking to Boost Your Business

Using Social Networking to Boost Your Business

If you are starting a new business, using social networking is a great way to boost your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter are the best known social networks to advertise and market your business.

Majority of society are using social networking to influence potential clients to look at their business sites. When using social networks like Facebook, it’s best to make a Facebook profile page (personal page) and then make a Facebook Page (fan page). The Facebook Page is a page that promotes your business and you can see how many people “like” what you are offering. You can control it just like a regular Facebook profile page by making status updates, and friends will be added when they “like” your fan page. It’s the new “black” in keeping in touch with the people around the world. What’s great about Facebook pages is they are FREE versus paying for a Facebook Ad. Facebook ads are pages where you are charged a certain fee each time someone visits your site (pay per click). When starting out, this is the type of page you do not want to rush into. You might want to save your money for other important business matters that may come up in the future.  However, it is a marketing strategy you want to consider once your business is up and running.

To start a Facebook Page, you must already have a Facebook account. Log in and go to the quick start guide for a step by step process to creating a Facebook page.

The other social networks like MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn are also easy to set up and you can design them based upon your business. Keep your personal life separate from your business. It’s advisable to have separate accounts for business and personal. You don’t want to be judged based upon your personal life. In addition, constantly check to see who is commenting and visiting your site. You will want to respond to some of the comments that are left on your page. Visitors like to know that you are paying attention to what they have to say.

Post a new stat about your business several times a day. A lot of people use the above-mentioned social networks; so, it’s a way of being a few steps ahead. You never know who might visit your site at the result of you regularly posting something new about your business.

Using social networking to boost your business is one of the most efficient ways to spread your business offerings to the world.

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