Using Twitter for Business – Step Three: Follow Twitter Best Practices

Using Twitter for Business – Step Three: Follow Twitter Best Practices

social mediaWe are now on Step Three of Using Twitter for Business.  This week we will take a look at some of Twitter best practices you should follow.

To recap our previous steps, go here for Step 1, where we discussed what works for Twitter and what doesn’t.  To review last week’s post, Step 2, go here.

After we analyzed what works and what doesn’t in Step 1, in Step 2 we learned how to be more conscious of what we tweet in order to become a power tweeter.

We have already seen some of Twitter best practices in action in our last post, Step Two: Analysis and Conscious Tweeting, with one of our celebrity examples. Now let’s look at more proven tips.

  1. Make sure you have a foolproof password. When you’re a celebrity, you’re likely to get hacked like Miley Cyrus or Barack Obama!
  2. Find out when your best audience likes to frequent Twitter. Select some of your followers and follow their tweets back over a few days. See if there’s a time they consistently appear (e.g. every morning after 8 a.m.).
  3. Tweet daily and consistently.
  4. Be sincere. Don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting.
  5. Find a core group of real Twitter buddies. Carry on real conversations — and don’t worry that your “fans” won’t understand your cryptic utterances. It’s proof you really do interact with those on the “inside” of your personal circle.
  6. Don’t worry about how you “appear.” Yes, there’s a fine line between making sure your tweets support your professional image and business goals . . . and being yourself. (Practice makes perfect!)

We will cover a few more best practices in our upcoming webinar scheduled for May 24, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. PST. To register, go here. Which Twitter best practices work for you when using Twitter for business?

Come back next week for Step Four: Know Your Twitter Tools. As always, thank you for reading. See you next week!




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