Using Twitter for Business – Step Four: Know Your Twitter Tools

Using Twitter for Business – Step Four: Know Your Twitter Tools

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This is our fourth and final step in learning how to use Twitter for business. This week, we’ll cover some Twitter tools you can use in your business.

To recap our previous steps, go here for Step 1, where we discussed what works for Twitter and what doesn’t. To review Step 2, where we looked at conscious tweeting, go here. In Step 3, we reviewed some of Twitter best practices to follow.

There are a few tools that can save you time on your Twitter posting and make it easier to engage. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

    1. Facebook Twitter app  — this Facebook app lets you post your own tweets to your Facebook Page (or profile, if you prefer). It also provides a call to action for your Facebook friends to “follow me on Twitter” as well as helping you find those friends who tweet regularly. To locate it, log into Facebook and type “Twitter” into your search box. It will come up first in the search result drop-down.Click on the icon, and then when the Twitter app page opens up, you will see the “Go to your Twitter Profile Settings to start” button.

      Fill in your information to post tweets to your Facebook Page or Feed or “share your Twitter profile with your friends on Facebook.” (Don’t worry — you can choose where on Facebook Twitter should post your tweets.)

    2. Use a tweet manager/dashboard such as HootSuite or TweetDeck. This is a great option if you have several Twitter accounts. Both of these allow you to preschedule tweets or see all of your Twitter content at a glance, so that you don’t have to keep clicking through to locate replies, conversations or Retweets you’ve made (or your own tweets others have Retweeted) TweetDeck allows you to:
        • Compose a message by clicking on an icon
        • Add multiple Twitter accounts
        • Add accounts for Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn
        • Manage your Twitter Lists
        • Add or delete columns containing your Twitter feeds
        • Sync your columns with TweetDeck on the iPhone
        • Search using the “add columns” button to create a search column
        • Decide if you’d like pop-ups every time a new message arrives in your Twitter feed
        • You can also choose which columns to display – for example, “Mentions,” “Direct Messages,” “Trending,” etc. — as well as download TweetDeck to your desktop.

HootSuite is built much along the same lines, and offers both free and paid options. It’s simply a matter of which platform feels more comfortable to you. It’s very easy to keep an overview and save time with a Twitter dashboard like TweetDeck or HootSuite — and great for visual learners.

  1. Badges and Feed Plugins — Be sure to set up and use your Twitter feed plugin, if you’d like to your blog readers to see your latest tweets scrolling on your blog page. Install your Twitter badge on your blog and invite people to “Join me on Twitter.”

We will cover more tools in our upcoming webinar, which is scheduled for Thursday, May 24, 2012 from 2-3 pm PST. To register, go here. Which Twitter tools would you recommend?

As always thank you for reading. See you next week at the webinar!




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