Virtual Assistant Services for Small Advertising Agencies

Virtual Assistant Services for Small Advertising Agencies

If you are an owner of a small ad agency, you should consider establishing a business relationship with a Virtual Assistant (VA), especially if you have a small budget.

Working Relationship

Owners of advertising agencies and owners of virtual assistant businesses are similar; therefore, a Virtual Assistant understands and can anticipate your business needs. We both submit bids. An agency and a VA both respond to RFPs from potential clients. An agency’s and a Virtual Assistant’s services are billed hourly and generally are temporary. When a projected is completed, the job is over. We both work ourselves right out of a job. Ad agencies and VA businesses generally are small. According to U. S. Department of Labor, 68% of advertising agencies and public relations firms employ 1-4 employees. Majority of Virtual Assistant businesses are sole proprietorship.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We understand how time-consuming the daily mundane tasks can be. Generally these tasks are administrative in nature and can be delegated or outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. Examples of these tasks include bookkeeping, updating your website, setting appointments, placing phone calls, following up on e-mails, typing business documents, correspondences, etc. The time you save can be used to gain new clients and/or retain your current clients. A relationship between an agency and a Virtual Assistant has several advantages. When working with a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the actual time used. Why pay someone for downtime? There would be no need to pay a full-time salary or benefits. If the agency is limited on space, there would be no need to expand to accommodate an administrative assistant. A Virtual Assistant works from his or her office.

Being that advertising and Virtual Assistant industries are similar in many ways, we could establish a viable business relationship.


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