Drive Traffic to Your Site for Free

Drive Traffic to Your Site for Free

In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to have an online presence. There are various strategies you can take advantage of to drive free traffic to your site. How will your target audience know your products and/or services are available, if they never visit your site? Although the following techniques are free, they will cost you time.

Social Media

Social media is a great method for driving traffic to your site. Not only can you connect with family and friends, you can also create new connections in your target market. Be sure to add your website link, where appropriate, in your posts.

When setting up your social media profiles, sprinkle keywords throughout your profiles that your target audience will use when searching for your products and/or services. Although, this is a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, it will drive free traffic to your website.


Blogging definitely increases the amount of traffic to your site. Search engines love fresh, valuable content, which, in turn, will help your page ranking. Content is king. You can also be a guest blogger on blogs in your niche, as well as comment on these particular blogs. Be sure to include share buttons on your blog making it easy for your website visitors to share your posts on social networks driving even more traffic to your site.


We are rapidly becoming a visual society where we prefer videos over text. Creating videos aimed at your niche will drive free traffic to your site. In fact, YouTube is known as a social media site, as well as a social network because of the ability to share videos and connect. Go here to view a video that answers the question, “Is YouTube Considered a Social Media Website?”


Participating in forums and groups related to your website, product or service can drive free traffic to your website. Last week, we published a post, which mentioned that LinkedIn now has 1.5 million groups. Again, adding your link to your posts will drive traffic to your site.


Write articles related to the topic of your website. Include keywords that are popular in your niche. Look for article directories, ezine owners, and webmasters who rank well for your keywords to submit your articles to for inclusion.

These are a few ways to drive free traffic to your site. As I mentioned, at the beginning of this post that although the above-mentioned strategies are free, they do cost time, but these methods will drive traffic to your website. If you are limited on time, outsource those traffic-driving tasks that don’t require your immediate attention to your trusted Virtual Assistant.

Have you used any of these methods to drive free traffic to your site? We would love to hear your experiences, ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Join the conversation below by commenting in our comments section. As always, thanks for reading, and please share this post by clicking on the share buttons!

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