When Home-Based Business Was a Dirty Word

When Home-Based Business Was a Dirty Word
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Rita J. Cartwright Southern, Founder

I remember when I first began my business in 2002, home-based business was a dirty word.  In fact, networking experts at that time recommended when at networking meetings, introduce yourself as a small business owner as opposed to an owner of a home-based business.

According to a 2008 SBA (Small Business Administration) report, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all employer firms.  Fifty-two percent are home-based.  Today, being a home-based business owner is all the “buzz.”  If you are part of this 52%, as I am, your timing is perfect.

The economy also plays a major role in the increased number of home-based businesses.  So, the term home-based business will be even more popular.  As a Professional Administrative Expert providing virtual assistant services, my timing is once again perfect, because these new home-based business owners will need administrative support.

If you are at the crossroads of whether or not you should be a home-based business owner or a Virtual Assistant, there is no better time than now.  The bright side of  our dismal economy is these are exciting times to start your own business.

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