Your Customer or Client

Your Customer or Client

social media marketingThis is the last post in this lesson on Introduction to Social Media.  In the first post, Social Media for Business, we learned how personalities determine what type of networker your customers and clients are.

In the second post, Understanding Flow Patterns, we analyzed the flow patterns in social media interaction, including the social media metrics you should keep your eyes on.

In the third post, Social Media Procrastination, we took a look at the common causes of procrastination in regards to social media.

We left off last week discussing the Two Deadly Hidden Social Media Pitfalls.

Target Customer or Client

It’s only now that we are finally ready to arrive at the place where most social media guides start — asking yourself: “Where does my ideal target customer/client hang out?”

social mediaTake everything we’ve learned about personality types and put it into practice on the social networks you frequent, and you will have a much more accurate answer than if you relied strictly on keyword targeting alone.

Building Relationships

Social media is not where you will close most of your sales — it’s where you will build trust, connect and become known as an expert in your field.

Do you know where your ideal customer or client hang out?  Where do you like to virtually go to do your social networking?

We will begin our second lesson on Facebook for Business in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned . . .

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