Your Personal Profile on LinkedIn

Your Personal Profile on LinkedIn

After exploring the many avenues of networking and advertisement available for free on LinkedIn, now let’s take a look into the most personal part, your profile.

As with any open social networking site you want to take care in putting together your profile. It will help to showcase not only yourself but the companies you represent.

Where should I start?

The first item someone will see when they land on your profile (or even when they see you post within groups, find you in a search, and/or more) is your picture. Making sure to post something that is memorable yet professional is key. Having a higher quality photo is important as well.

What else should I include?

After this, you get a chance to post a type of resume with work history. This is your time to shine to either perspective clients and/or employers. As you put together your current and previous work history, you not only show what jobs you did in the past but get to go into detail and showcase your true skill set. Listing awards and special acknowledgements really helps to separate you from others as well.

Should I add something about my personality?

You are also able to write a summary about yourself and list your specialties. It is important to understand that neither of these areas is to list previous job experiences or the like. This is where you can point out personality traits, interests, as well as other possibly beneficial information that otherwise would not have a home.

Check back next week as we wrap up LinkedIn profiles and share how to get great recommendations.

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